2014 Top 3 Finalist ~ Excellence in Emerging Technology

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What the technology does best is ...

- that it  makes intermittent  renewable energy, like wind and solar power, a reliable power source

- that it can store energy for days, weeks with no loss of energy once stored

- it creates an "Artificial Reef or Living Shoreline", which will benefit marine life

- that this new process can desalinate water with renewable energy very cheaply

In Sept. 2009, U.S. Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu noted

hydropower pumped storage is “astoundingly efficient ... in this future world where we want renewables to get 20%, 30% or 50% of our electricity generation, you need pump hydro storage. It’s an incredible opportunity and it’s actually the lowest cost energy option.’’

Solving the Energy-Water-Food Nexus

A Geo-Engineering solution for a better future

A white paper by the American National Hydro Power Association in 2013 concluded the following: "Hydro power pumped storage is the only commercially proven technology available for grid-scale energy storage."


-Ours is grid scale and easily tailored to the Megawatt requirements of any utility.
-Utilities are already familiar with our technology, albeit configured differently.
-It’s the most cost effective, adaptable, scalable energy storage technology on the market

-maximizes profit by eliminating present energy loss due to waste.
-It can be built near the end users or the load.
-It’s environmentally sound, emitting no toxic byproducts via air, land or sea.
-Our configuration is highly flexible and customizable, providing opportunities for revenue from additional functions according to the buyer’s needs
-Can “smooth” the delivery of power generated from wind and solar technologies, in effect, increasing the value of renewable power

In the picture below, the light blue is the "Goldilock's Zone" off the coast which we can build the technology with over a million sites globally

Patented Energy Storage Technology